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I loved chatting with this lady! And can we just talk about how gorgeous she is?! Seriously I wish I looked half as good as she does in pictures and she told me she wasn’t photogenic…total lie!


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I loved snapping pictures of this cute little peanut! He was so alert he refused to take a little snooze but gave lots of yawns!


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Howie pup is my husbands childhood dog– I guess more like High School dog. But now Howie pup secretly loves me more than Andrew;) The real reason I married my husband is because I couldn’t give up loving on Howie JUST KIDDING. But he sure did win me over from the very beginning. He kept me sane when we lived at home for a summer and became my little running buddy. Really everyone needs a Howie pup!


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I have the cutest niece and nephew it’s true! This little lady will sing you Taylor Swift songs at the top of her lungs…truly a girl after my own heart. And this little man is basically a heart throb those big blue eyes kill me!


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Family photos are always one of my favorites! How adorable is this little man?! I wanted to steal him away after this shoot such a flirt.